Sports Massage

Though originally designed to help athletes perform at optimum levels during games, myofascial release is growing in popularity as an effective treatment for sports­-related injuries or limited range of motion. Myofascial release focuses on a client’s trouble spots, like shoulder soreness after eighteen holes of golf, or a tender hamstring just before a big race. My office understand sport-­related injuries, and can help minimize pain, speed recovery and help clients perform their best at their favorite activities with full range of motion.

There are many variations of Myofascial release and choosing the technique is based on the client’s current level of discomfort and upcoming athletic events:

  • Dr. Dumbadse is a specialist in soft tissue and myofascial release utilizing numerous different techniques to ensure maximum recovery.
  • Dr. Dumbadse uses "Rapid Release Technology" to treat soft tissue problems that provides a quick and painless treatment with immediate results.
    For anyone participating in regular physical activity, Myofascial release and massage therapy in addition with Chiropractic Treatment in my office every week or two may be a great addition to your normal regimen.
  • Ask about onsite certified massage therapist availability. 

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