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Dr. Christopher Dumbadse, D.C.  is an accomplished Doctor of Chiropractic, practicing for over 28 years. Dr.  Christopher Dumbadse specializes in stretching and soft tissue release techniques to assist with manipulation and rehabilitation, incorporating Pilates-based rehabilitation into his treatment program to ensure maximum recovery. Dr. Christopher Dumbadse focuses on correcting ankle mechanical disorders that affect the rest of the anatomical chain. His treatments have returned many dancers and athletes to full performance with improved abilities to prevent further injuries. In fact, Dr. Christopher Dumbadse has treated members of the Cirque de Soleil, Motorola Professional Cycling Team, Kirov Ballet, Moysiev and the Georgian State Dance Company to name a few. Dr. Christopher Dumbadse has treated amateur and professional folk - modern - jazz - ballet and ballroom dancers. He has also treated professional ice skaters, football, basketball, track and field, cross country, lacrosse, baseball, tennis, badminton, soccer players, triathletes, marathon runners, mat and wrist wrestlers, cross fit athletes, martial artists and horse back riders .

Dr. Christopher Dumbadse also specializes in weight bearing laser scan and casting utilizing "Foot Levelers" Orthotics to ensure the best support and outcomes.

Dr. Christopher Dumbadse has attained Pilates Mat Certification from the prestigious Power Pilates in New York City.

Dr. Christopher Dumbadse is a Level Two Certified "Rock Doc" for Rock Tape. He teaches Kinesio taping at high school sports medicine programs throughout California. Dr. Christopher  Dumbadse has been an onsite "Rock Doc" for marathons, cross country and track and field events. Dr. Christopher Dumbadse volunteers his services to local high school sports programs and ECNL level soccer clubs. He is a consulting doctor for the Georgian State Dance Company and National Soccer and Rugby Teams.

Dr. Christopher Dumbadse is proud to offer the "Intellibed Matress Showroom" featuring "Gel" Technology. Come and take a "Nap Drive" at the Intellibed Mattress Showroom located inside Anytime Fitness at the EPICENTER in Santa Rosa, CA.

Dr. Christopher Dumbadse was  a member of the California Chiropractic Association starting in 1990.

Dr. Christopher Dumbadse is excited to have been asked to join Anytime Fitness at the EPICENTER, Larkfield, Orinda and Reno as their "on site" chiropractic sports doctor. Non-Anytime Fitness members are welcome to walk in for an appointment. Please check in at the Anytime Fitness front desk during normal office hours.

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Main Office Is Located in Anytime Fitness at the EPICENTER Sports Complex (707) 545-5839, Now open in Larkfield, Orinda and Reno

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